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My portfolio

Game Jams

Branching Out New Relations, A City Adventure: “I’m Rooting for You!”

A game made for the Global Game Jam 2023 in just 48 hours!

A simple slice-of-life sim about moving to a new city and putting down roots! Click the image to play or follow this link.

I was responsible for the game design and writing, alongside many other incredible devs.

Talking Revolution

Talking Revolution was made for the Historically Accurate Game Jam 6 in a small team of four. In this game, players take on the role of a miner in the 1830s, who fights with their fellow workers for increased wages and lowered food prices. Players must manage essential stats while dealing with various events in order to incite a rebellion against the authorities and mine owners.

I was responsible for designing the game’s mechanics and storyline, and all of the writing. I am excited to include this game in my portfolio as it showcases my ability to create engaging and thought-provoking experiences for players. Play the game here, or read my blog post about my game jam experience here.

The Dappled Forest

The Dappled Forest is a simple survival arena game where the aim is to collect enough points before you are caught by the monsters.

My role in this game was to write voice lines for the game, simple barks that help make the game more atmospheric.

Click the image to go to the post and find out more.

Or read my voice lines here.


Ban-na is a narrative game that takes the player to medieval Iran. The player is an apprentice builder helping design a Pardis garden.

My role in the game was script writer, I wrote all lines of dialogue and designed all the narrative events.

Click the image to go to the post and find out more.

Or read my script here.

Personal works

The Strange Lab

The Strange Lab is an interactive narrative investigation game about finding the abandoned laboratory of Dr Julia Rowley. Exploring the lab, it’s up to you to discover what happened to the scientist, so that the mysterious Corporation can find out what’s become of the money she stole from them!

This was created for the Into Games creative brief, click the image to go to the post, or click here to play the game!

A Parting Scene

“A parting scene” is a script about two clones on a drop ship. They were born just two hours ago aboard the mothership. However, as they approach a battlefield, one of them begins grappling with their own identity and purpose.

I wrote this script as a part of Into Games’ creative briefs. Click the image to go to the post, or click here to read the script

The Devil’s Choice

I am excited to share my latest Twine game, which showcases my ability to create engaging and immersive branching narratives. I designed this game as a way to improve my skills as a Twine writer and to demonstrate my expertise in crafting interactive stories that keep players engaged and invested. The game features a lightly branching narrative incorporating a system of how confident the character has been, allowing players to experience different paths and outcomes based on their choices. The game’s design and narrative is self-contained and can easily fit within larger story arcs. This game is available to play on and can also be accessed by clicking the image.