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Coding Portfolio

A collection of my work in C++ and Unreal Engine 5


A 3D puzzle platformer inspired by Mario Odyssey where you play a Ghost solving puzzles by possessing little robots.

Made in C++ and Unreal Engine 5 in five weeks by a team of five.

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Ladel of Legend

A top down adventure game where you play a wizard who dreams of finding the fabled Ladel of Legend so they can cook the ultimate soup.

Made in C++ and Unreal Engine 5 in two weeks in a team of three.

AI – Companion Drone

A C++ and Unreal Engine 5 project creating an AI companion that can be told to wait, follow, or move to a target location.

The goal was to spawn and assign the AI behaviours all within C++.

TestingTesting – a 2D dungeon shooter game with silly guns to test

C++ project made with the Play buffer game engine by Sumo Digital

Testing Testing is a top down 2D arcade shooter game. You play as Fry, a weapon’s tester in a unique laboratory, and must bust your way through numerous crash dummies to hot test the scientists strange weaponry.

talk about collisions -> code snippets

Talk about

Castle Dracula Murder Mystery – a text adventure game set in Bran Castle, the historic setting of Dracula

C++ text adventure

Game Engine

asset files

City Scene – a scene crafted in Unreal Engine 5.3 of a back alley.