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Talking Revolution – Historically Accurate Game Jam 6

It’s the new year, and it’s time for another Historically Accurate Game Jam! This year, the theme is the Industrial Revolution. We came up with dozens of great ideas, but in the end, we chose to focus on one of the biggest aspects of the revolution: social change and workers’ rights.

Ban-na – Historically Accurate Game Jam

Created for the Historically Accurate Game Jam. Ban-Na has art and music is inspired by classical Persian and Iranian history, and the story brings you inside a recreation of a construction of a pardis garden.

Night Fright – Brackeys Game Jam

Due to the team’s needs, I took on a different role than usual. In the game jam world, putting a piece of writing or narrative in a game is might not be the priority. So for Brackeys Game Jam, I ended up in an artist’s role!