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An Interactive Narrative: The Time Traveller’s Lab

Play “The Strange Lab” by Max Tittle

A new week, a new Into Games creative brief: Time travel week!

With the genre came the challenge: write a descriptive piece that explores a time traveller’s lab. The challenge was to evoke a sense of place for the readers. Is the lab abandoned or inhabited, dangerous or wonderous? But for an additional challenge, we could create a game on twine where the player would explore the lab themselves, an interactive narrative!

I must admit, I dove into this challenge and created something far beyond what I had intended. It was moments before the deadline and I had finally finished and submitted my piece when the messages flooded in! All the friends I had forced to play the game to test for me proceeded to find typos and errors abound!

As a result, I don’t think this is my greatest piece of work. Because I vastly underestimated the complexity that I would attempt to accomplish, I ended up rushing and I failed to keep my writing at a high standard. In the implementation of code and the exploration system I missed opportunities to use evocative writing and at times I know I could have done better to create a sense of place.

However, enough of my personal criticisms! From a positive perspective, I enjoyed the tiny details I put into my work. Little fragments of writing will change when you manipulate your surroundings or have knowledge of certain parts of the game. I enjoyed using Twine for the first time, and I think the overall story is strong! And… it’s the first game I’ve created entirely by myself! It’s uploaded to and available for anyone to play! you can find it here.

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