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Portfolio – Into Games Creative Briefs

I’ve been trying my hand at into games’ creative briefs for a couple weeks now! They are a great way to build your portfolio, and it’s so helpful to receive feedback from other creators. This week’s challenge theme was Star Wars, in honour of Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you!

They run several different challenges for different persuits: art, audio, and writing. For the dialogue writers this week we had to write a professional script – formated just like the movies – about a parting scene between two characters before battle. They give some excellent inspiration ideas:

“Think about how you can express the relationship between the two characters through their dialogue, and their bond and concern for each other. Will there be conflict in your scene between the two characters, or shared sadness about parting from each other?”

For my parting scene, I wrote about two clones. Born just hours ago, the head into a battle in which they will probably not make it out of. One begins to question their purpose and the other… well I’ll let you guys read it yourselves!

“A Parting Scene” by Max Tittle

I feel like it’s a great way to flex your writing skills in new and interesting ways. I had never written a script before and this experience was quite difficult; imagining how my writing would appear via image was challanging. However, it makes a great addition to my portfolio because of it.

A great portfolio shows of a large veriety of skills, as not every employer will want you to write in the same style you want to. Often, you will be writing for genres that aren’t your favourites. With that in mind, I can’t wait to write something new with next week’s challenge theme: time travel!

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