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Night Fright – Brackeys Game Jam

Title Screen for Night fright, our entry for the Brackeys Game jam. it is a long dark corridor with a red door at the end of it. strange tentacles emerge from paintings on the walls.

Night Fright Game

Another game jam is complete! however not in the way I expected; Due to the team’s needs, I took on a different role than usual. In the game jam world, putting a piece of writing or narrative in a game is might not be the priority. It can go beyond the game’s scope and it won’t be implemented with the level of quality it deserves. So for Brackeys Game Jam, I ended up in an artist’s role! Creating the cover art and a couple of other minor details for the game.

Obviously, the different roles made me a little nervous as it is not my area of expertise; however, I was eager to give it a go. Within a team, it is vital to have an understanding of the needs and resources of your colleagues, and having knowledge of the requirements of the different aspects of game development can only aid in your team’s quest to create a game! Be you a part of a small indie group or working on larger projects team working is vital!

In the end, I attempted some level design and the cover art, and while it was interesting to see from the different perspectives of these roles, I can see which role I’d rather be working in! Story writing is my passion, and I’d love to try and find a group willing to attempt such a game soon!

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