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Hi! I’m Max Tittle, a passionate games programmer from Manchester, UK.

My goal is to break into the world of game development and secure a position in a studio. To achieve this, I’ve been immersing myself in learning, focusing on refining my skills in C++ and Unreal Engine 5 – my dynamic duo of “hard” skills.

In addition, I’m actively developing “power” skills such as teamwork and collaboration. Working within a team I’ve gained valuable insights into version control and effective communication with teammates, emphasizing the importance of having a clear vision and working out a path to achieve it. Feel free to explore my portfolio and follow my projects!

Recent Projects:

Soulstice – The Final Project of the Game Developer Bootcamp
Portfolio Introduction For our final project, five of us created a game over five weeks. The Developer Academy tasked us each to create a C++ based mechanic, an AI character with unique behavior, and a level. The rest was up to us! We used this prompt to help guide our game design. Soulstice is a platformer/puzzler inspired by Mario Odyssey. The player is a ghost with the ability to possess robots each with a special …
Talking Revolution – Historically Accurate Game Jam 6
It's the new year, and it's time for another Historically Accurate Game Jam! This year, the theme is the Industrial Revolution. We came up with dozens of great ideas, but in the end, we chose to focus on one of the biggest aspects of the revolution: social change and workers' rights.
An Interactive Narrative: The Time Traveller’s Lab
Play "The Strange Lab" by Max Tittle A new week, a new Into Games creative brief: Time travel week! With the genre came the challenge: write a descriptive piece that explores a time traveller's lab. The challenge was to evoke a sense of place for the readers. Is the lab abandoned or inhabited, dangerous or wonderous? But for an additional challenge, we could create a game on twine where the player would explore the lab …

Max’s Updates:

Lakeside – By Massive Galaxy Studios
A review by Max Tittle So I attended EGX London this year and I was delighted to finally show up to an event in person. Like many others my first stop was the leftfield collection. An old EGX favourite, the collection celebrates the incredible diversity of the videogames industry. They …
Brackeys Game Jam
Sneaking a Jam in between now and March! A week long jam with the theme: "It is NOT real". Doing some level design, a little bit of concept art, and hopefully voice lines if we have time! I'll let you know how it goes.
7 Day Roguelike Challenge
Looking forward to taking part in 7DRL next month. I love lore in roguelike games, especially how the genre forces the writer to think about how the game's mechanics will affect their writing. In a game when your character is designed to die (a lot if I’m the one playing) …