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Hi! My name is Max Tittle and I’m an aspiring narrative designer and game writer from Manchester, UK.

Writing is my passion! And I love the immersion that video games can give to their players. As an avid D&D Dungeon Master, it’s my goal to create stories in that players can explore different experiences.

I am trying to make the shift from a freelance personal tutor to break into the industry!

Max’s Updates:

An Interactive Narrative: The Time Traveller’s Lab
Play "The Strange Lab" by Max Tittle A new week, a new Into Games creative brief: Time travel week! With the genre came the challenge: write a descriptive piece that explores a time traveller's lab. The challenge was to evoke a sense of place for the readers. Is the lab …
Portfolio – Into Games Creative Briefs
I've been trying my hand at into games' creative briefs for a couple weeks now! They are a great way to build your portfolio, and it's so helpful to receive feedback from other creators. This week's challenge theme was Star Wars, in honour of Star Wars day! May the 4th …
The Dappled Forest – The Global Game Jam
Inspired by Over The Garden Wall, we initially wanted to tell a tale of a lost child. Trapped in a strange giant tree within a forest. In the end however…